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This morning I read a review … well, review is a big word considering the following sentence: “The book is not very good.” Stop. No reason that explain what book part is not very good, or better, why it’s not so great, maybe it’s so horrible that you don’t need to explain what don’t catch your taste.

If the author is exposed to the whole world when he publishes his book, a reviewer, or supposed to be, it does the same. And in case he adds no evaluation elements that let other people understand the reviewer point of view, the above text worth absolutely nothing. A careful and intelligent reader immediately understands the superficiality of statements that, in some cases, just to slam regardless the one that published the book. Sometimes there is envy, personal dissatisfaction that transpires in a sentence. And this will only earn the contempt of the author. Contempt that he would never expressed if there were any reason: “The characters were not so nice, the plot was unbelievable, I get lost between paragraphs in long explanations about the gestures of the characters as reported by the author and so on.”
In a real review you have always to show what’s wrong, because nobody is able to read into your mind as a reader and figure out what’s not good, if it is really no good at all.

So if you don’t have care what you read, if you don’t want to explain what’s wrong with it, then do not miss even time to write the book is wrong. Any book is created and published with an intention, so maybe something good in the text there will be. Try to start from that and than, if you want anyway to slam the author, give a meaning to your words, a reason behind the negative criticism. Otherwise people get a bad opinion most of the writer of the book review of what is being reviewed.

Think about it when your write a review.

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