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Last July I published my first e-book. “Deve accadere”… It’s an Italian e-book composed by 15 short stories. “Deve accadere” stands for “It has to happen” and it’s the 14th novel novel of the e-book.

Six of the fifteen short stories in the e-book has been published by an Italian Publisher based in Rome, so the stories has been evaluated by someone that publish books every day so this is a plus value for the e-book.

I’m working to an English version. Now I just reviewed the first 4 translated stories and I think they’re ready. The best thing should be to let proofreading it to avoid very small mistakes in the translation, but the cost for this simple task is quite expensive. They asked me about 500 British pound that means about 800 dollars for just 5597 words.

What are this short stories about? Far away from the world talks  about a train journey, the second one, Straight to nothing talks about lost memories. Memories project a men in his past when he comes back at home to discover a new present. A little moment of joy and happiness is about a man and his personal story.

Well, consider that in all these stories the characters are ordinary people. They could be me, you, everyone with our/their bad and happy small moments.

If you read Italian you can buy it on:

I hope to publish in English as soon as possible. Continue to follow my blog.

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