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What happen when you write? Depends on what you intend exactly.

When you write a story, a fiction, you put a sequence of characters, letters, one after another, but it’s more than this, of course.

When you write a fiction story you create environments, characters, you think about a plot, how all the pieces of the story has to interact. It’s a complex work and not always all you have in mind can be represented instantly and not always in a good form.

At the beginning you write, write and write, but before do this you have to have a plan. You have to know of what you’re going to writing, what you want to talk about… Of course not in details, but you need to have all clear in your mind. A long work that has to be done before to start to write “chapter one”.

Define your characters – create a file about them – define the incident, try to insert in your notes all the kind of information you need, also the things you will never put into the novel you will write. What job they do, what are the colour of their eyes, of their hair, and so on. What are the relationship each other, then ask yourself why you need to write about them.

Try to imagine the story in your mind… does it make sense? Do you like it? If yes, than you can start writing the first scene, but remember it’s possible that the first will never be real the first. Just start, then writing you will get more details in your mind, so don’t forget to fill up your notes with these new information. Try to give a correct structure to the whole work. I mean: think about the POV (Point Of View) you’re going to use. It’s very important to choose the right voice to report the story to the reader. First person or third one? If you don’t know, just try to write an important scene with all the POVs you want and then compare them. What’s the best? What does it seem to be good for your story?

If you choose the wrong POV you’re going to write the whole story from the beginning again. And it’s not just to use “I” in place of “He/She” or vice versa. It’s always more than this.

When you have all the things quite clear in your mind than you can start writing your fiction. Try to write everyday, also small parts of the story. Don’t let to pass too much time from the last time.

When you will finish your story than take an holiday from it, from your characters before to start the revision. 2-4 weeks. It won’t be just one revision. You have to write and rewrite scenes till you are sure about it. Fix the inconsistency of the characters, the things that you don’t like. Try to cut some scenes if they don’t add information to the story or rewrite them with less words. Be careful to the dialogues. They have to be strong and too much words make weak a dialog.

Is it simple? No it’s not at all. Writing is a complex, very complex work. You have to choose the right words and more…

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