Translation is art

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I’m quite ready to publish my first 5 short stories. The e-book is ready. I need some other revisions on my translation, but it’s been fun and hard at the same time. I better learned English.

I know English. I was stayed in Czech, in Germany, in Scotland, in Spain, in Ireland during some conferences. I spoke English all the time. I studied English, I read English. Last year I was in the wonderful London. I fell in love with that city. Just three days… too few, so I’d like to come back there.

The scenario

I published last July my e-book “Deve accadere” as Italian selfpublisher on Amazon and Kobo, after some published stories for a real publisher, but Italy it’s not ready at all to the e-book concept and, worst, to the selfpublishing concept. Italian people read too few and when they read, just bestseller, yes. And we have strange publishing issue. An Italian phenomena where everyone can be a publisher, but just five big publishers has the leadership on the book sale in Italy because they own the complete chain: printing house, chain of stores where they sell their books and distribution chains and all the other small publishers have to use their distributors to sell books in their shops or somewhere else in a bookshop in Italy, so they got money twice or more: from the books they sell of their own and from the books that they distribute for the other publishers… Great! Don’t you think?

The translation

In this scenario a selfpublisher can’t go too far away, so I tried a new way. Translate my stories in English and move them around the world by Amazon and Kobo. Yes, I know. It’s not so simple to translate fiction. There are a lot of things that sounds completely different in a language as English. In fact, I had to rethink to the words, to the concept expressed in a sentence. Rework the story using more precise verbs. And also if I did a perfect work this could be not enough. Maybe I need a proofreading in English. I tried to contact some proofreader service but they wanted an absurd price for their service considering I’m going to sell the e-book just for 0.99 $/ 0.99 £ /0.99 € . (I should sell not less than 2500 e-book to recover the money spent for a 6000 words proofreading 🙂 ).  It’s also important to do some promotion for their work. Put the file on Amazon KDP and on Kobo KWL is not enough at all.

I don’t know how to move in this new phase, but I just know that my stories in Italian don’t have a future.

See you soon.

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