“Lexapros and Cons” by Aaron Karo

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I read this beautiful book. I was intrigued by the Italian Book Cover Edition, the title and synopsis. It thrilled me so much that I finished it in just 2 days.

I read the presentation on the Publisher website (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and I thought: «Interesting». You can find also an excerpt of the book in PDF on their website. After I read it I realized that I would have liked it. I wanted to take it in e-book, but it costs just one dollar less than the hardcover book and in the Kobo Store it has the DRM, so I took it as hardback in Italian edition. It has a nice hardback cover, just like I love.

This is a well written novel that moves. I tied to the main character enough to feel bad when he’s bad, to smile with him and when you reach the end and you realize that Chuck will make the grade you still remain surprised by the final highly original who is able to give you this extraordinary author. Many Italian writers should definitely learn how to write a book with these themes: well, without using shallow descriptions, shallow terms, but a lot of professionalism even when the subject matter is adolescence as Aaron did. Really recommended for everyone, young and old. Chuck is and will remain a hero. Bravo Aaron.

The opposite of a book published by the Italian Publisher Edizioni Piemme that was for young adults: written so badly, in a shallow way and without any merit.

A vote? 5/5.

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