Month: October 2013

The perfect price for an e-book

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What is the price? What does it mean to sell an e-book?

Well, considering that the e-book is not a tangible object, we can think about it as a software, and it’s a software if we really see what it is. You can have a license on that. When you buy an e-book from Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google they can decide that the e-book you purchased it’s not anymore available for you and remove it from their servers for you, so you’re going to lose it from your Amazon/Kobo/Apple/Google device. It’s difficult it happen, but it can always happen, so the best thing is to make a backup of the e-book files when it’s possible, when you don’t have to fight against DRM.

But it’s not this the purpose of this post.

The purpose is to reflect on the e-book price concept. e-book is not tangible object, you can’t touch it, you can’t feel the smell of the pages, but, at the end of the story, it’s always a text, it’s a story an author wrote. What is the best price if the author is a selfpublisher?

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The selfpublishing issue

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Last time I explained how I started to be involved in selfpublishing. Now I will explain what means to be a selfpublisher, and then I will talk more specifically about Italy.

If you understand why you don’t want a Publishing House for your e-book, you have to understand the selfpublishing way, because you have to be sure about your choice.

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The selfpublishing way

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I’m in Italy and when I started writing I didn’t know that you can publish a book without to pay to the Publishing House. I never published before 2009 and I never payed anyone to publish a book of mine. I write from more than 20 years.

From the 2009 I started to look for a Publisher, but I understood that you have to afford too much compromises to be published. You have to know the Publisher personally, he/she has to be a your great friend, maybe your best friend, just so you can have a chance, or you have to pay 2000-3000 euros to a Big Literature Agency to be accepted from a Publisher.

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