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Last time I explained how I started to be involved in selfpublishing. Now I will explain what means to be a selfpublisher, and then I will talk more specifically about Italy.

If you understand why you don’t want a Publishing House for your e-book, you have to understand the selfpublishing way, because you have to be sure about your choice.

A selfpublisher, wherever you live, wherever you will publish you book, needs to know that:

  • you are a writer, so you need people find you;
  • you have to write a book better than a regular published author;
  • you have to spend some money to get the best result;
  • you have to spend much time to spread your book on the net;
  • you have to be strong to deal with people that don’t understand selfpublishing and that are ready to spread shit on you, poor selfpublisher.

Are you ready to do all these things? Well, if you’re scared, I can say I’m scared too. You don’t understand what I said? Well, don’t worry, we’re going to go through each items of this list.

You are a writer, so you need people find you

In which way people can find you? Of course if you are going to use some social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instangram, …). You can consider to create a page as author on Facebook. Consider Twitter and Google+ too, but use also a blog where you need to let people know about you out of a social network, where everyone can find you also with a simple google search. Try using or (this last one can be useful if you have a Google account). Don’t forget the purpose of all this: you need to say something to the people. Create a social network account, a blog, is just the first step, but you can’t stop, you have to express yourself, sharing your ideas, writing a review for the book you read. I suppose that if you choose to be a selfpublisher you are ready to talk to the people, you have something to say.

You have to write a book better than a regular published author

What? Better than a regular published author? You’re thinking if you were better than them then you have been published by a Publishing House, don’t you? It’s exactly this way. Sometimes you wrote better than a regular published writer, but your story will not sell according to the Publishing House or simply you were not lucky, maybe.

Anyway, selfpublisher have to prove that they are really good. You have to write very well, you need to show don’t tell, you need your story is a story that says something and let people joined to the text, you need a wonderful book cover, a charming book title, you have to create an e-book well done, you have to do a good lay out, you can’t choose the first image you see somewhere to compose your book cover, strange and unreadable fonts, bad colors, you can’t upload a not well formatted file on Amazon and publish it, you can’t choose a whichever title, you HAVE to edit your book, possibly edit it with a professional editor, don’t do it on your own.

You are a selfpublisher and a selfpublisher will receive all the criticisms of this world, also if all is perfect and you have just one typos in the whole book. If you were a regular published writer and you have 200 typos in your book you’re better than a selfpublisher with just one typos. This is what people usually think. It’s not fare, but that’s it.

Aren’t you able to do all these things on your own? Well, no problem. Move to the next step.

You have to spend some money to get the best result

One of the thing a writer should not do on his/her own it’s the editing. You have to be enough expert of this to do on your own, you have to see your text with clean eyes, but you can’t, you created that story, so you’re blind about that. You have to pay someone to get a professional editing, or you have to know someone that can do it for you for free. In this case your are very lucky. A professional editing can cost too much, but it’s the second thing a reader will charge with you. A regular published writer will receive a good editing on his text, so you can’t avoid this step. Absolutely you can’t. Try to give a look at your text more times in different period of time, but you need to let read your work to some people to be sure, to find the hidden typos, and not just that, of course. You can read a page 100 times, but the typos hides, some sentence can be hard to be understood, or, simply, it’s wrong.

Buy a cover. Pay someone to create a well formatted e-book (I can do it for you). You like just to write, so you can ask someone else help for all the other step, also paying. It’ a not vanity press. Selpublishing it’s not vanity press.

You have to spend much time to spread your book on the net

Well, if you write, if you’re a selfpubliher, than you need to spend time to let you know. Organize a giveaway: give for free your book to the people that follow your blog and give you, for example, the best reason to read your e-book.

Create the paperback version of your e-book. Try to organize a reading in a café, promote your book on the social network connecting your blog to them, so when you write a new post for the blog it will be posted also on Facebook, Twitter, … automatically . Try to write a guest post contacting other bloggers, talk about the story of the book, about your characters, give a reason to people to read your e-book, maybe creating a book trailer or paying someone that can do a professional book trailer and upload it on youtube and vimeo.

You have to be strong to deal with people that don’t understand selfpublishing and that are ready to spread shit on you, poor selfpublisher

Well, yes, this is the best part. You are a selfpublisher, so people don’t like you. They think that you put on line your book of your own because it doesn’t worth a shit, you write shit. But the story it’s not always in this way. There are selfpublishers that do the things in worst way and selfpublishers that do all the best, also better than Big Publishing House, but just the fact you’re a selfpublisher is a big issue. You’re not believable. Lots of people have fun spreading shit on any selfpublisher, because, I repeat, they think all selfpublishers are the same.

But if they read a disgusting regular published author by a Big Publishing House they’ll never think that all authors of that Publishing House are disgusting. Of course this is a big inconsistency, but you never can have the power to let them understand. Simply avoid to talk them, they are trolls. Specially in Italy, it’s a cutting-age to spread shit on selfpublisher all the time to get approvals by other people that don’t know nothing about it, people that don’t read a book if it’s not in the best seller book list.

The selfpublishing way it’s a hard way, very hard. You have to organize your writing life in the more disparate way. So, don’t be afraid, do all your best, ask help to editors, to translators, to designers, to copywriters to present your e-book, your story, in the best way you can, all the remaining will be on the way.

The selfpublisher author it’s called: Indie. Once, a reader told me: “you new unknown writers, how you like to be called? Ah, yes, indie”. She was a troll. Indie stands for “indipendent author”, not “new unknown writer”.

The worst books has been published by a Publishing House, so this give big possibility to all of us if we do the good things. If we spent the good time on our story and promote it.

Don’t give up!

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