“Galactic Energies” by Luca Rossi

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Usually I don’t read Sci-Fi books, but I heard good opinions about these short stories by Luca Rossi, an indie author, so I purchased Galactic Energies on Amazon. Luca Rossi’s text moves through human feelings and the events that involved and that still involve us every day, but in fantastic text form.

When you start reading one of the stories included in this e-book, you get thrown together the characters in their world, to get very surprised as them respect to the events that, very often, remember so real occurrence, current subjects on which everyone at least once tried thinking over, as, for example, the control of our lives through the new generation smartphones. In Luca’s text there is the all-powerful DataCom that locates and knows important and less important part of people life. It recalls George Orwell with his 1984, but Luca has his style well defined that’s dry and focused. A captivating reading that, once you started, having spare time available, you finish the day you started. Some indie authors are really good and in some cases they’re also better than authors with a classic Publishing House behind their text, you have just to know where to pick a good indie author.

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