Journey within a Story

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cover image: © Whitestep | cover artwork: © Giovanni Venturi

Hello there,
some days ago I published my first book in English. I’m an Italian author and I’ve got 4 books on my shoulder, but in Italian, you can find them on Amazon, on Kobo, on Apple, on Google.

Today is a big day. I published “Journey within a Story”.

It’s available as:

Consider that “Journey within a Story” is a short story, it’s about 6000 words and it’s been translated from Italian to English by Andrea Pakieser. As ebook it costs $ 0,99, £ 0,99 and € 0,99.

Journey within a Story is the perfect Christmas story.

In a small library no one ever seems to visit in the middle of nowhere, a young boy continues reading books. Perhaps these books hold the answers to all of the questions of his life?

In 14 short chapters, this ebook will take you on a journey of discovery. Strange events follow Daniele through the library and beyond, as the young boy tries to uncover a secret he has since forgotten. Doors open and close, pages turn by themselves, strawberries grow in the snow… amid this surreal landscape, will Daniele find the answers he needs before returning to his ordinary life?

Do you want to make a review? Let me know. I can send it for free as ePub or Mobi file.

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