The best Libray Hotel is in New York

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(c) Oxford Mommy
(c) Oxford Mommy

The Library Hotel in New York is an architectural jewel realized especially for all the people love reading and want to have fun in the “Big Apple” adding a small piece of relaxing time in a written words world.

As you get into the Library Hotel hall, you can see the ceilings lights and other ones arranged around an iron ellipse: a magnificent chandelier. Near the hall you can see a library bulging with all possible books. Hosts can wait for someone reading a book while sitting on a comfortable sofa or an auditorium seat, placed near a nice corner, into this small living room where there is around two big lamps and a vintage telephone. The wood of the walls it’s striking and let you think you’re in warm and familiar place like home.

Into the Library Hotel there are about 6’000 books and into the Reading Room – it’s open 24/24 hours – you can use tables and chairs for a relaxing reading. In this room you can find a grand piano, wide glass walls that run all the around perimeter. Water, coffee, cappuccino, tea, biscuits and fruit is available for free to all the hosts.

The Library Hotel extends from the Madison Avenue to the 41st Street. This is not a cheap hotel, but it’s a special place where for once it could be great to be there.

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