pen name or not: this is the problem!

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Long time ago I started writing for this blog. I had a project. To start translating my stories from Italian to English, or just start new stories more related to UK or USA characters, cities and publish it. Usually is not simple to get the right target changing language.

I have an English free short tale available on Apple iBookStore.

I have another one of my stories that could be translated in English and published because it’s based in a London of the future, but it’s not just a walk to translate, edit and promote an English novel.

There are more English readers in the world, yes, but the number of the writers is bigger that Italian as well.

Well, I suppose that in this moment of my life I have to start learning how marketing works and use it to promote all my written stories.

But it’s something I’m not able to do in any language. In English is more difficult because the “English” market has its own rules. It’s very different from Italian one. This blog has been silent for so much time and nobody knows me. I think nobody will read this article after so much months of silent.

I see just two possibilities in front of me.

The first one is the simplest. Stop publishing and maybe stop writing. Stop writing because I write to publish, but can I really stop writing? Is it possible without missing the writing emotions?

The second one is another possibility. Starting to write an erotica novel with a pen name and doing it in Italian and English, maybe publishing the two versions the same day. Starting an erotica “famous” series. Short stories with lots of episodes. But is this really fun? Does it worth? I don’t know.

I really don’t know, but my last pubblication was a real disaster. All because is not a thriller, is not science fiction, it’s general fiction, well it’s a coming of age romance. I have to blame myself the day I start publishing. Yes, I have.

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