Life is so long but so short

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image released with CC0 license by ColiN00B on Pixabay

Usually I do not write in English. Writing in English is difficult to me because it’s not my first language as I speak Italian, but I like English. I was in London so much times… Well, I know to be in London doesn’t mean anything. Walking through the city you can hear any language except English, the old and good English. I heard lots of Italian, Spanish and just 1-5% of British English.

So If my post is not perfect you know why. I do not intend to say “I’m Italian” to avoid a good English, anyway.

Usually I love reading books and – in my very few spare time – to write books. The problem is that writing book is a bit like loosing time because there are too much books out there, people doesn’t know me, people doesn’t pay for unknown writers and if they pay, they don’t want to pay more than a bit.

In this spring time I’m so much confused.

Writing put light on my life, but it gives also so much pain to me because when I publish something on a book store that I start thinking too much, I should stay more relaxed and I have to know that nothing will happen also when sothing happen.

More and more times I think that I use too much energy to care of release a good story in all the possible ways, too much energy to go to nothing. But this happen every day to a lot of persons. So when I was thinking to write something for English readers that I can “easily” translate in English too I got totally lost. People in Italy doesn’t read. Writing in English I could hope in some more readers but I know that there are lots of more writers in English, so maybe it’s also more complicated.

Mmm. So?

Could it be better for me to stop thinking to new stories? Stop writing? Well, maybe, yes. Stop writing. Is it simple? Well, better stop, so I can avoid pain and spreading energy in something that doesn’t worth of. But really doesn’t it worth of?

I’m a self-publisher. Can I really stop writing?

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