“Call Me By Your Name” by André Aciman

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“Call Me By Your Name” by André Aciman

Last December I was in London for holidays.

I love this city, I love walking all around its streets. I love take the tube, the bus and trying to discover unknown places. Well, I know. Foyles is not an unknown place. It’s a very very big book shop in Charing Cross Road.

I entered in this realm and I was enchanted by all that books everywhere and spread on five levels.

I knew “Call Me By Your Name” by André Aciman. I read it in Italian on my Kindle PaperWhite, than in English, but when I’ve seen it on a shelf I purchased it again in a common paperback edition.

What is “Call Me By Your Name” for me?

It’s a diary of an uncommon love passing through hard and dramatical life moments. It’s written with strong feelings and heart, the story is a message to all the teenagers, to all sensible persons about how hard is to be yourself and understand yourself, but being young you have a force, a big necessity to go on and discover your feelings, trying to love the others in all ways you can. You devour each page without stopping. You want to know about Elio pain and about his story. A perfect narration that engage you right from the first page, a story that deeply moves. Five stars earned.

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