About me

«The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones touch it lightly with one hand fleeting. The bad writers try and leave.»

Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451)

So… what tell about me? I’m a writer that’s trying to publish his first long novel.

Informatics Engineer who uses / loves / hates Linux. Windows has been abandoned 10 years ago, one night he was tired of suffering to watch a simple DVD while the system restarted continuously in the same scene of the film. He expresses strong feelings, strong and very emotional, often change his mind, he would like to publish with a major publisher, but according to what he sees happen every day he believes that the best thing is to write not to publish, as the crazy painter of the Italian film “The Bellavista Mystery” directed by Luciano De Crescenzo, art is not for sale, but has to be destroyed. Constantly he says that he wants to stop writing and let to do it to real writers, but after the crappy stories he found in the libraries he redeems himself, returns to write and then regrets it again. In the precarious balance between love and hate for writing he published eight short stories for an Italian publisher based in Rome at no charge, and a chapter of a novel wrote with more writers. And in July 2012, a few months before the end of the world, he published his first Italian e-book independently. Will be the last? Just ask him.

Now he is ready to translate his fiction work (15 short stories already available here) in English and publish it on Kobo and Amazon and iBookStore as soon as. If you want to help him proofreading his stories just contact him.

His favourite writer? Stephen Edwin King, specially with the book “Different Season“.

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