“Lexapros and Cons” by Aaron Karo

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I read this beautiful book. I was intrigued by the Italian Book Cover Edition, the title and synopsis. It thrilled me so much that I finished it in just 2 days.

I read the presentation on the Publisher website (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) and I thought: «Interesting». You can find also an excerpt of the book in PDF on their website. After I read it I realized that I would have liked it. I wanted to take it in e-book, but it costs just one dollar less than the hardcover book and in the Kobo Store it has the DRM, so I took it as hardback in Italian edition. It has a nice hardback cover, just like I love.

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The first e-book

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Last July I published my first e-book. “Deve accadere”… It’s an Italian e-book composed by 15 short stories. “Deve accadere” stands for “It has to happen” and it’s the 14th novel novel of the e-book.

Six of the fifteen short stories in the e-book has been published by an Italian Publisher based in Rome, so the stories has been evaluated by someone that publish books every day so this is a plus value for the e-book.

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